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  1. You are stealing ad revenue from advertisers by having links that misinterpret attempts to close the ad with attempts to follow the link

    You should improve the sensitivity of your X to close buttons on your ads, because when I attempt to close, I am invariably sent to the linked ad.i have no intent to follow the link or purchase any product or service. I believe this misinterpretation of my click is deliberately designed into the system, as it greatly increases the number of ads clicked, and thus the amount of advertising revenue that yahoo received from its ad customers. In my mind thus amounts to theft or fraud. I have already filed a report with the FTC notifying them of this practice.…

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    Hi Brent,

    If this happens again can you please let us know what ad this is happening on so that we can investigate this? The Ad Name, Ad URL, and any additional info about the ad you can provide would be helpful.

    Homepage Support

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