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    Tony N commented  · 

    Dear Yahoo News Team:

    I don't know if you are aware of your news page comments section which is poorly written when it comes to its source code. The pages get so full of replies that you can't even reply to people's posts who replies to your post. I have used four different browsers and several different computers that have 40 Gigs of memory and this issue keeps happening.

    Many other Yahoo members like me have posted about this issue and it really makes users wonder how a company like Yahoo has such an awful way of creating news sites with the worse source code is really incompetent, to say the least, How do you expect for people to communicate when they can't even read the messages they were sent? Yahoo spends more time on moderation and censoring people for profanity than fixing poorly written source code; in this day and age, any good programmer can correct and fix this issue, so why can't it be fixed?.
    This is a mess when you try and reply to another Yahoo member's comment. You can't find anything, the pages mesh with other comments, even if you refresh the page over and over the same problem happens over and gets worse as more comments are posted. This is a true mess and why do you even have a comment section if you can't manage it to make it work right?. HTML code defines the structure and meaning of the content on a page, CSS code defines its appearance, and JavaScript code defines its behavior so the problem could be all three of these?.

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