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Baseball Player Profile Page Ruined

Wow. You guys sure ruined player profile pages. It sounds like in every sport. Let's talk about baseball for this post. The "summary" page no longer shows quick facts such that were useful. It should always show me his season to date stats. I don't need his career stats showing at the expense of split stats and batter vs pitcher being dropped. Your old profiles page was great, not perfect but great. Now it is useless. Summary page should show brief stats from different categories by default that are easy to view (at the top of the page).

You MUST bring back the batter vs pitcher career stat that is contextual to the pitcher he is facing on that day. Splits vs left/righty are important as well. The latest news blurbs from past 7 days should be on it too.

Your current Batter vs Pitcher page isn't quite as good as the old one either because it's loads and displays every batter/pitcher opponent where as I prefer when you could just choose the team to cut back on the load that is pulled from the db and displayed. It's cleaner and faster.

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    Also the fielding stats were eliminated. Some leagues use fielding stats as a scoring category and also, games played by position was helpful to see when a player was close to becoming eligible at another/new position.

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    Somebody gets it. No clue whose bright idea it was to remove the matchup info for that days game against the starting pitcher and the career stats against the opposing team but it was wrong. Please change it back or I'll go elsewhere for my stats

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