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How about give leagues a choice on Ohtani

How about give leagues a choice on Ohtani
Why not have 3 Ohtani's in the Yahoo Universe and allow individual leagues decide how they wish to deal with him?

Ohtani (Util & SP)
Ohtani (Util)
Ohtani (SP)

Individual leagues can decide whether there are two or one in their league. If leagues what one unified player then they can set their own rules that the other two can't be rostered. If for some reason leagues like having two separate Ohtani's they can make the unified one off limits on rosters.

This seems something Yahoo can do now without disrupting leagues that prefer having two separate ones.

Can someone from Yahoo actually address this issue?

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    Is this going to be an option this year? I don't get why if you want to split him up into 2 entities then you should be able to DL the SP part of him because he won't be pitching.

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