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where my notifications ?

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      • Fred Dopey PhelpsFred Dopey Phelps commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The Blairs and Stan torso in the tank Henry the murder of Ilene MacDougal and Angus Sibbet 1967. Michael

        Lavaglio and Denis Stafford got the blame with the help of the corrupt Masonic police, So called Lord Brian

        MacKenzie, Henrys bent copper, Ian Henry MI5, CIA, Mossad, George and Grant Tully, Alan Duncan and their

        gang, includes drivers Gary Pern, Norman Massey, Patrick Thompson, Rob MacKenzie the murder of my son, the

        gang involved paid weekly visits to Paris warehouses for booze and cigarettes were made, from Sunderland at

        times 3 white vans were being used at each murder, these scum, were in those white vans at the scene of the

        crimes aforesaid mentioned, James Andanson told the Police he could not get near Diana, because of the white

        vans in front of him and in front of Diana and Dodis car the one in front of Dodi he said had a motor bike

        strapped in and someone sitting on it shining the head light on main beam into Dodis car, you can see the

        last photo taken was taken from a higher vantage point than a normal car, Andanson also said that their were

        paparazzi hanging onto straps taking photo and video to confirm the kill. The cameras used by some of them

        were burnt in a car at the back of a pub in Low fell, North East England, leased by gang member Jeffery

        Verrel and partner West indian Albert Harding who claims to be a friend of Paul Burrel, Jeff Verrel set fire

        to his own car and claimed the compensation for the cameras as well, local newspapers confirm the incident,

        Verrel is still walking free, he is a friend of Blair, Darling, Milburn, Mullen, David and Edward Milliband

        and Gordon Brown all members of the same Pedophile Ring as these aforesaid mentioned other criminals that

        The Met have still to arrest, i have given you all the names of the ring leaders i have named the ones who

        carried out the murders and the ones who covered up for the murders, all though they did try to arrest Blair

        on two occasions but were sent away with their tails between their legs, diplomatic immunity The Met have

        yet to follow up on any of these leeds that i have sent them and spoken to them about shortly after reading

        about the Murders. bent coppers Mick Hafferty and Brian MacKenzie covered up for their friends, billy blair

        qc quietly covered up all the murders 70 year press ban.

        Why did the police stop looking for the murders of Jill Dando & Doctor Kelly because Tony & Cherie Blair had

        something to loose a stolen child from Michael Boyers, and their friends responsible for carrying out the

        murders including the murder of Michael Boyers son, with a former police officer Janet MacKenzie who's ex

        husband Rob MacKenzie is one of the gang members responsible for the murders of Jill Dando, Doctor Kelly my

        son and none other than Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, the ring leaders are Ian Henry, Mi5 and the CIA

        same people, he has amusement arcades in the Newcastle area, that pay for the murders including the murder

        of his former brother in law Peter Gowling, shot in the head in front of Ian Henry by Russell Bonalie who's

        mate Norman Massey shot Jill Dando in the head, at the time Massey had a remarkable resemblance to Barry

        George and was working as a chauffeur, drug dealer and ponce for members of Parliament and QCs and claims

        Tony Blair was one of his best customers, he also did not deny shooting Jill Dando on two occasions that he

        tried to befriend me in Newcastle City Centre having known him as a teenager, other gang members George

        Tully along with Stan Henry and Alan Duncan boat builder murdered Ilene MacDougal better known as the Torso

        in the Tank 1978, the murder of a 17 year old innocent girl that Jill Dando was investigating as one of two

        unsolved murders, thee other from 1967 Angus Sibbet also murdered by Stan Henry former amusement arcade and

        casino and nightclub owner now in the health club business formally known as Springs. who’s daughter Kay

        Henry Gowling, was having an incestuous relationship with her father leading to her insanity, she thinks she

        and her incestuous family can get off with trying to murder me and the murder of my son with former police

        woman Janet Mackenzie, who’s husband Rob, along with Ian Henry, Grant tully, Russel Bonalie, Joe Bonalie,

        Santos Cuscanni, Alan Rankin, Bob Senior, Mike Emerson, Sylvia Cutter, Ernie Cutter, Ian Jenkins, Dave

        Stewart, Annie Lennox, Eddy Fenwick, Charlie Gray, Terry Boyers, Joe Boyers, Barry Cubby, Tommy Stuart jnr &

        Snr, Alan Dag, Colin Hume, and Patrick Terence Thompson, one of the drivers of the white vans seen stalking

        Jill Dando, and Peter Gowling,
        The Met never followed up on the leads, so as to help the Blairs get off with child abduction, Katharine

        Blair is my daughter and not Tony Blairs, Pedophile Billy Blair along with his family are targeting me via

        Newcastle Social Services, controlled by Adulteress and incestuous pedophile Cherie Blair, who lied to me to

      • kathy lecluysekathy lecluyse commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        "Notifications are only available in some Yahoo products." I found in "help". Wonder what those are, if not mail and news...

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