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First of all THANK YOU! .. great service.
I am an ex athlete so team play a must!
What do you think about the fact that the color of the VOLUME is a little not too informing on the purpose of the data?
A price is a set record. The volume amount a set record.
The color a misleading in dependence of factors.
I think that the VOLUME COLOR should be thought better.
The split amounts and price direction can be NOT in ratio therefore misleading to a simple RED when pricing is LOWER and Dark when Pricing is HIGHER.
Of course this only for the summarization of timing which can create MEDIAM supposition wrong.
i.e.: Opening @ $10
10am qty 100 at $11
11am qty 10,000 at $9
2pm qty 100 at $12 CLOSE
VOLUME 10,200 BLACK !! BlACK!?!?
SUREEEEE!!! sorry the stadium cheering kicked in!!

We need a new color where the higher sum of volume has been sold at Lower Pricing than Opening ?
you guys are smarter than me in term of how to read it! please brain storm!
Just in case Colore it MAGENTA the name of my city I was born, were in 1858 6000 people died to liberating us: it is the color of the blood coagulated in the streets.
LOVE - marino

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