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Speed up the web page

I'm a long time fan who has started seeking quotes elsewhere because for some reason the Yahoo Finance page has become very slow. I really like the functionality and hope this can be fixed.

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    Recently (since ~10.2018), Yahoo Finance charts consume an exorbitant amount of CPU resources. I've noticed the same issue on both desktop and tablet, and with both Firefox and Chrome.

    Reproduce the issue by visiting any chart page such as:

    The issue appears to be related to GPU resources and the Yahoo Finance chart widget. Viewing any chart in either Chrome or Firefox causes an immediate ~20% spike in GPU resource usage per widget (two charts open --> 40% GPU resources consumed).

    Chrome Info: Chrome/71.0.3578.98, Windows NT 10.0.17134, GPU 0: VENDOR = 0x8086, DEVICE= 0x591b (Intel), GPU 1: VENDOR = 0x10de, DEVICE= 0x134d (NVIDIA) *ACTIVE*, Vulkan API 1.1.0, NVIDIA driver: 398.36

    Launching chrome with `--disable-gpu` leads to similar poor performance with each chart widget consuming about 10% CPU on a I7-7700HQ (3 charts visible ~30% CPU, 2 charts visible ~20% CPU, etc...).

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