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Why does the "Trade Date" no longer show up in my portfolio tracker. It stopped working at the end of Dec. 2018.

"Trade Date" no longer shows up in my portfolio. Why?

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We will need to see a screenshot of your Portfolio to further assist. Please click ‘Contact Us’ on our help site here: to submit your information.

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    More Additional Info. and clarification.
    The Last Trade information I mentioned is (or should be) displayed in the View category "Market Time"

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    Additional Info.
    When it was working properly up until recently, (possibly December) the trade date only displayed for the "Last Trade" value in a view when the last trade was NOT on the current day. For instance when US markets are closed and Canadian Markets open (or vice versa) the date should display for the closed market while time for the open market. Now ONLY the time displays even though it is on a different day. This is a change made by Yahoo which removes vital information from the display. This is even more important since certain mutual funds have stopped updating altogether as of 3:00 PM Dec 20, 2018. Those funds, for example CIHARBOUR.TO
    display ONLY a last trade value of 3:00 pm , hiding the fact that they have not been updated in over 2 months. The failure of various funds to update is a separate problem I will report in a separate item.

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