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Company News Feeds being overrun by Globenewswire law firm case press releases

I can understand a normal flow of these press releases from law firms announcing lawsuits, but lately Globenewswire is allowing firms to issue multiple release a day/week - so many that the news feed in many instances is spammed and unusable. This is especially bad when the 20-30 law releases pushes actual news off the feed making articles from even a few months again unavailable.

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    Look at Arlo. Just in the last week (7 days), there are 40 items: 1 actual article, the rest are law firm lawsuit releases. 22 of them are from just one firm (Levi) all issued through Globenewswire, often with multiple releases by that one firm in ONE DAY. Also, most of them are globbed together with other companies and only have a few sentences describing the case. Looks like a money grab by Globe and is ruining the feed.

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