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Please add a an option to set a keeper limit.

It would be great to be able to set the max number of keepers that an owner can keep.
While currently the Commish can review everyone's keepers before confirming them, if people chose to keep too many, now I have to chase them down and find out who the really wanted to keep.
It would hopefully be a fairly simple change that would make life much easier for me and my co-commissioners.

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    There doesn't need to be a keeper limit. This is where the "approve keeper players" assignment comes in for the commissioner. If you tell your managers that they can only keep, let's say, 5 players, then the manager that kept 6 players loses one at the commissioner's disposal (hopefully the commish is a fair one and doesn't keep the lowest ranked player out of the 6). However, I've run into problems in the past where a manager only wanted to keep, let's say, 6 players out of 7 available keepers. That kind of makes the draft weird a bit because now they get an extra pick.

    So, what I started doing a few years ago (and it's worked for my keeper league very well) is letting the managers just keep how ever many players they want. As the commish, I have to assign the keeper players in the draft manually anyway. When I assign the keeper players to the draft, I assign them starting from the very last round of the draft and going upward. This way, the beginning of the draft is fair to everyone and the draft order doesn't get screwed up. I also don't do a "snaking" draft order for my keeper league, I keep it just like in real life. If you have the #1 pick in the first round because you finished last, then you have the #1 pick in every round. It's bad enough that all the good players are already taken/kept by teams, there's no need to be the #1 pick in the first round and then waiting for up to 23 picks before getting your 2nd and 3rd pick. By that time in a keeper league draft, there really will be no good players left.

    Yeah, no need to implement a keeper limit. This is the commish's job since they're the one that has to assign the keepers back to their teams anyway.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. But again, I understand how the current system works. I came to the suggestion board to suggest something different as I'm not a fan of how it currently works.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would suggest establishing stronger ground rules in your league. A common commish practice for people selecting too many keepers is the commish decides which players go for the manager to make the limit. The idea that the commish may remove a player I really want as a keeper tends to get their attention. It is also common for commishes to choose the keepers for a deadbeat manager. usually some logical approach like keeping the highest rated players works real well to get people motivated. Also, finding replacements for the deadbeats will also give the commish leverage.

    The impression I have is you may be being too nice. To run the league successfully, you need to get the attention and respect of the managers.

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    It's very similar to the roster limit. I can tell everyone what the roster limits are, but again, then it's up to the commish to constantly monitor everyone's roster.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I understand that it can be done by telling people how many to keep, and then verifying it. But this can result in people selecting too many keepers, and then as a commish I have to chase people down and find out who they wanted to keep. If I'm going to have to do that anyway, why bother even using the system?
    The point of using a hosting service is to have it make life easier for the commish.

    To the commenter that said you can already do this, please tell me how.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The commish can do this now with the commish tools. In fact, the commish can even set a different number of keepers per team if they wish.

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