How can we improve Yahoo Finance?

to save data (lines, ect) of the drawing created in the graphic of a market value

Regarding -yahoo finances- graphic drawing of a market value. And the session started and created the portfolio of market values:

Can you make it possible to save data (lines, ect) of the drawing created in the graphic of a market value, so that the drawing can be saved and monitored / modified?

On my own computer if these drawing data are saved, but if I access from another computer all the drawing data is deleted.

Could the data of the drawing be saved so that they can be consulted from any different computer?

Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Explain

Thank you

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    In -yahoo finances- in -DRAWING- in a graph of a small price value (especially in prices type 0,0100-0,0010-0,0001) in the market,

    Could you add "4 DECIMALS" in the -drawing- both in the price opening-maximum-minimum-closing of each candle of each day of the price in the -DRAW-?
    Thank you

    They are data with 4 decimals essential to calculate supports and resistances, especially in prices type 0,0100-0,0010-0,0001
    Example: VER . MC

    We congratulate you on the improvements in -drawing- graphics in -yahoo finances-. thanks!

  • Amadora Tuya commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In DRAWING (graph of yahoo finances),
    could you add 4 decimals in the price (of the market value) that appears in the DRAW?
    And that you see the 4 decimals in each day (in time) of the DRAWING ?.

    For in the DRAWING can check lines (supports and resistances) that price have in 4 decimals?

    For example: VERTICE360 (VER . MC)
    Thank you!

  • Last Warrior commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    :) Hello good day

    Regarding "Yahoo Finances". In the DRAW tool in the graph of the price quotation of the value of a share of the stock market.

    (1) The tool "trend line" or line from point A to point B. Would it be possible for you to add the option "DO NOT put" or "NOT visible" the text box that appears automatically indicating the "trend line" ?

    (2) Could you add the tool in the "line from point A to infinity" drawing?

    (3) Would it be possible to see the FOUR decimals of the price in any SPANISH stock market stock value chart?

    (4) Would it be possible for the drawings made to be safeguarded? For the user session. To be able to continue drawing on them, updating them in the future. In each "session initiated". As well as making the drawings on different computers. And that you can access the last drawing made, simply "opening session" said user from any device?


    Congratulate the technicians of "yahoo finances" for the update and new features and professionalism in the DRAWING tool in graphs of stock values. You are phenomenal! some craks!

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