How can we make Fantasy Football better?

A more exciting type of Points League

The Points scoring format could so much better than it is. I have an idea for a truly great alternative to H2H formats.

It's very similar to the Roto format from fantasy basketball. Instead of H2H matchups, everyone is fighting to be the top scorer every week against everyone else, but you get points based on where you ranked that week. For example, in a 10 team league the highest scorer gets 10 points, 2nd highest gets 9, 3rd highest gets 8, etc. Lowest scorer in a given week gets 1 point. These points determine league standings.

Overall fantasy totals act as the tiebreaker for league standings when points are the same. In case of a tie during a week (difficult to achieve with decimal scoring but still possible I guess), the points would be distributed evenly. (For example in a 10 team league, two teams that tie for the highest scoring total that week get 5 points each instead of 10).

Playoffs could be optional here as it is in H2H, but I also have a idea for a unique playoff format to go along with it. It's the same basic 6 team or 8 team format with a battle royal elimination twist. So in an 8 team playoffs, the top 4 highest scoring teams in the 1st round move on, and the bottom 4 are eliminated (they enter the consolation bracket as usual). In the 2nd round, of the remaining top 4 teams, the top 2 win and move on to the championship (at which point it's basically H2H). The bottom 2 fight for 3rd place.

This "battle royal" playoff format would be pretty interesting for people looking for something different than the normal "seeding" type of playoffs. You could even implement it as a standalone new option for H2H leagues if you wanted to! The more options we have, the better Yahoo Fantasy will be!

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  • James Goode commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like this idea, but not the plan for handling a tie score during a week.
    If two teams are tied for first and you award each of them 5 points, then the next place team has more points for the week than the two top teams.
    The two teams tied for first are also tied for second. They should each receive 9.5 points. Then the third place team receives its normal 8 points, etc.

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    Playoff spots determined by most points during season then head to head matchups in playoffs

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