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Draft applet keeps freezing

I have been playing Yahoo fantasy for years, and hve always had a good experience. This year however, it was horrible. the applet kept freezing (several times when it was my pick). I don't know what you guys have done, but please fix this.

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    I also had this happen as well as my brother and a co-worker in totally different drafts. Win 10 and chrome and another on OSX

    Here is a screen capture from a mock that shows the issue.

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    You have got to figure out what is making the draft hang in Chrome on Windows 10 or Mac OS X! This happened last year and this year was far worse toward the end of the draft! If it's not fixed next year I will probably switch the league to another site.

    It freezes for almost a minute numerous times when trying to search for a player and then X-ing out the search. A co-worker of mine on a completely different network and computer experienced the same thing as did my brother over 70 miles away.

    I took a screen capture and posted here, you can see exactly what's happening.


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