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Kneel Down Scoring Change

I’m not the first person who has had their season ruined due to QB kneel down, but there are far too many inconsistencies with the spot or the ball to count as a NEGATIVE point.

Watching Carson Wentz’s final 3 kneel down, you can CLEARLY see him take his knee much closer to his center in his first and third kneel down. In the 2nd kneel down, he clearly stepped back 1 yard from the line of scrimmage.

This is far too INCONSISTENT to count so heavily and affect an outcome of any game using fractional scoring.

I’ve read many rule suggestions that offer the same solution....THERE SHOULD BE NO LOSS OF POINT FOR A QB KNEEL DOWN.

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    Agree with this, a QB shouldn't be penalized for a team stat. By contrast, a sack in standard leagues doesn't count against the QBs rushing stats since the QB "intended" to pass, but against the team passing yards (in kneel downs, QBs aren't intending to run). As well, QBs who keep on a read option are often credited as getting sacked instead of rushing for negative yards when stopped for a loss.

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