How can we make Fantasy Football better?

Let us draft a coach

The idea of drafting a coach has been floated in a couple long time leagues, and has been an overwhelming hit.

The idea is you’re able to draft a coach and assign a point value to a win or loss. For example if you draft Matt Nagy and the bears win it’s +1 and a loss would be -1

The coach position, if used would be a roster spot that you’re only allowed to put a coach in to prevent teams from not having a coach and filling it with a deeper bench of position players.

Every team needs a good coach! If able to draft past coaches I would roster Ditka and take a zero every week just to have Ditka as my coach!

Think about the possibilities. It just adds a fun twist and would add a cool fun feature that yahoo could add, which would put them another step ahead of other fantasy platforms!

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