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Tiebreaker is supposed to be Head to Head season record, but 4th seed went to highest scoring. Need HELP ASAP

Our league is supposed to be head to head season record tie-breaker. 3 teams finshed 8-6. 4th seed went to highest scoring instead of the team that won their regular season matchup by 90 points. Need help changing playoff seeding in our league

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  • Chris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @Joe Laviolette:

    Your tiebreaker setting did not involve how to handle teams tied in the standings. It involved how to handle playoff matchups that end in a tie. Normally, such tied matchups in the regular season just count as ties in the standings (1/2 win + 1/2 loss) and you just move on to the next week; however in the playoffs, you can't have ties.

    Teams tied in the standings (7-5-2 = 8-6-0) have their own set of tiebreakers (the first being total points for), and these tiebreakers cannot be altered in any way, not even by a commissioner (nor should they be). Head-to-head season record never even comes into play here in fantasy.

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