How can we make Fantasy Baseball better?

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After another inconsistent year with no marked improvements yet far too many issues ignored you want to ask me how I feel about your company? Over and over and over again I might ad although I must say it is no problem to repeat my answers of -5 Hate for YaPoo and their inability to connect with their users rather than connect with more ads in our face and stats that are more jacked up than a family of guys named Jack. You need to hire some Fantasy experts (no not the idiots in your stupid videos claiming to be experts) REAL people. Real USERS. The ONES that USE your web applications. Stop pretending like you don't already know how your users feel about you lately YaPoo.... between your clumsy mail app and your inconsistent Fantasy and other issues like auto playing videos (we are at work idiots so this keeps me and prob many others from visiting as much as we would - wake up) or your ads ads ads ads I swear you don't get it. But you will. Never who I am kidding you will never get it.

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    And at least tie in the videos with your news stories, the VIDEO should be about the ARTICLE.

    Why is this such a hard concept to fathom for your staff??

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