How can we make Fantasy Football better?

New draft model

The draft is often the most exciting part of the season. If we could make the offline model more like the real NFL model then that would get rid of the stickers and paper model that is used in bars around the country.
Create an offline draft model that allows for you to sync a laptop/tablet up with a TV and use that device to draft from only. You could put the device at the front of the room and walk up to enter your player. Once a pick is complete there could be a video package on that player and maybe a cameo from the Yahoo staff. This could be set for players in the top portion of the draft. This will also allow for the players to be entered into the yahoo league immediately just as the online draft model allows. This also allows for immediate draft grades on the tv monitor to allow for bragging rights right then and there.
This model could be used for offline/online drafts for people who can’t be in attendance. The cameo’s could increase and often allow for the staff to say when a player is drafted too high or when the steal of the draft happens. The more interaction from the staff and any chance to make a drafter look good or bad makes the actual draft that much better.

Thank you for all you do and for always having the best fantasy product.

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